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Materials for Ultra-efficient Chiral Spintronics

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Project name: MUST  - Materials for Ultra-efficient Chiral Spintronics
Project duration: 10/2023 – 09/2026
Budget: 450’000€
Partners: University of Bialystok & Institute of Physics Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland), Marmara University (Turkey)

Project Reference: PCI2023-143400


The MUST project aims at exploiting spintronics -the use of electrons' spin information as an active data storage and processing component in electronics- as an innovative solution to tackle increasing energy consumption of information technologies. More specifically, MUST will explore and optimize the chiral properties of ultrathin magnetic materials and develop a range of heterostructures and nanometer-scale devices that could lead to novel or improved spintronic concepts. The developed materials and technologies will offer better sustainability, higher energy efficiency, and new functionalities to some of the current IT products, making a global societal and economic impact. The research will also create the material platform and fertile grounds for new computing paradigms.