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Dr. J. Alejandro De Sousa has participated in the program “Bojos per la Ciència-Física”

28 October 2023

Dr. J. Alejandro De Sousa has participated in the program “Bojos per la Ciència-Física” organized by Fundaciò Catalunya La Pedrera.

The program promotes scientific-technological vocations linked to the world of research in high school students through theoretical-practical sessions taught by researchers in leading research centers in Catalonia. During the activity, Alejandro hosted high school students at Spinmad-ICMAB laboratories. The activity was divided into a theoretical section of 45 minutes “Conversion of waste heat into electricity, using spintronic thermopower”, and an experimental section of 45 minutes “Fabrication of a microchip using photolithography and magnetron sputtering deposition”. The students learned spincaloritronics, photolithography and magnetron sputtering deposition.

Bojos per la Física

The Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera develops the program "Bojos per la Ciència" to open the doors of the most relevant research institutes to the most excellent secondary school students. ICMAB joined in 2017 the initiative "Bojos per la Física" coordinated by ICN2, and IFAE.
The "Bojos per la Física" initiative allows 20-25 students to interact during 10 work sessions with researchers from ICN2, IFAE, UAB, ICMAB, ICFO and ALBA Synchrotron. Our shared objective is to design a challenging experience for the students and offer them some hints about what does being a researcher in physics mean.
The programme includes the following general topics: particle physics, nanotechnology, photonics, cosmology, astrophysics, materials science and astronomy, and counts with 11-12 sessions in different research centers where the students can interact with researchers about these and more physics topics.