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Optical Microscope & 2D Material Transfer System

The 2D-heterostructure transfer system allows the transfer of exfoliated layered materials onto surfaces of various substrates and consists of fully motorized micro-manipulators with a total of 8 degrees of freedom and operate under a high resolution microscope with variable substrate temperature (from room temperature up to around 150ºC).

The system includes the following units.

Sample unit: Three degree of motion (Translation (x,y), Rotation (360º))
Transfer unit: Five degree of motion (Translation (x,y,z), Goniometer (x,y))
Microscope (DP23): High resolution microscope Long working distance objectives (5x, 10x, 20x, 50x)
Sample holder: equipped with temperature control (range RT-120oC) and vacuum hole for affixing sample. Goniometer control allow alignment of glass slide

This setup is assembled through a joint project with Dr. Gervasi Herranz.

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