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Takayuki Shiino

18 March 2024

Takayuki Shiino joined ICMAB-CSIC and the MAGNEPIC project as a postdoctoral researcher in March 2024. He received his BSc in Physics (2013) and MSc in Materials Science and Engineering (2016) from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan) and KAIST (South Korea), respectively. He received his Ph.D. from Nagoya University (Japan) in 2019 with a thesis on a quantum critical phenomenon in heavy-fermion materials. After the PhD, he experienced two postdoctoral researches: Uppsala University (2019 - 2021, Sweden) and KAIST (2022 - 2024, South Korea) for the studies of quasicrystals and spintronics, respectively. His current postdoctoral research focuses on spintronic devices with insulating ferrimagnetic materials.